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Like the harp?

Like harp covers of your favorite songs?
(NOTE: Neither of these videos are mine.)

Want to help donate money to Japan and get your favorite song (be it pop/anime/classical/folk/etc.) written and recorded on the harp?
BID HERE and while you're at it, check out all of the other sweet offers that are there for a good cause.
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Name: A Black Tie Affair
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rainy_fantasy
Characters: France/UK (human names), random oc
Rating: PG-15~
Warnings: Suggestion, profanity
Word Count: 1,634
Summary: In which Arthur must wait, of all things, and thus takes it upon himself to practice his social skills.
Author's Note: While I was out of town, the hotel that we were staying in had a swanky party going on a few floors down. It included a live jazz band and was a black tie affair kind of thing filled with "yuppies" (young, urban professionals). We could hear the band well, even in our room, and I had the urge to write, so this came about.

"He forced his eyes back up to meet the woman with a smile and he knew she knew what he was thinking: drop dead gorgeous." )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] rainy_fantasy
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] roygbivibgyor
Request: "AU, fluff, human names, chef!Francis/police!Arthur, so Arthur goes to Francis's cafe after work, as usual they eat and argue and have some nice moments~ <3"
Title: To Better Days
Characters/Pairings: Francis/Arthur, suggested Elizaveta/Roderich, Gilbert
Word Count:6,394
Rating: T
Warnings: Cussing & mentions of strippers and alcoholics. You know, the usual...
Comments: This is very long. The story just kind of developed a life of its own! I had a lot of fun writing it though. I hope you enjoy it, roygbivibgyor!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

It was simply something nice, and he needed nice things in his life once in a while, didn’t he? )
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I am finally finished with this. I've decided I'm done editing, re-editing, and adding bits. I know this is late, really late, but I started on Francis's birthday, so that has to count for something, right? heh Feel free to provide suggestions and constructive criticism. I hope you like it! Also I do not take French and thus I consulted the Internet, so if anything seems off or completely wrong, please feel free to speak up!

Title: Bon Anniversaire, Francis!
Author/Artist: rainy_fantasy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/England, Prussia, Spain
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3, 439
Warnings: Fluff, some mild swearing, and suggestion.
Summary: On Francis's birthday, Arthur decides he needs help shopping for furniture of all things while Francis realizes he'd rather be more than just friends.

His experience with these kinds of things…they didn’t even compare. )
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You might have heard about the problems and protests with the recent Iran election, but what you might not know is that it's still going on right now. The links I provided below explain the situation in full, but I must stress the importance that you share this information with as many people as you can. If many of the Iranian people are unable to get the world's attention, then who else can? You, of course. It may seem silly that telling your group of friends about it will do anything, but you could think that one tweet on Twitter wouldn't either. Think again. Open your eyes, stay informed, and spread the word.

Compilation #1
Compilation #2

Hopefully we can make the world a better place one post/tweet/text/video/word at a time.

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Ah, the Playstation 3, how I want you so.  There's so many games that will come out for you that I'm just drooling over, it's crazy.  So, due to recent events, research, and thinking, I've finally decided that I want to actually buy a Playstation 3 and soon. I'm rather weird when it comes to buying expensive things, or anything for that matter.  Even though I may fawn over it and talk about it incessantly, it doesn't mean I'll ever buy it.  I tend to be careful with my money, but that doesn't mean I don't spend it.   This explanation, even though seemingly trivial to you, will help explain the list of facts and thoughts after this paragraph.  I hope, if you ever plan to but a Playstation 3, that it will help, if at all, a little.
  • A big whopping $350 --> $450, depending on where and what you buy.
    • There's a 20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, and an 80 GB. Okay...so what?
      • Well, a PS3 has a hard drive, so it's not necessary to own a memory card. This of course helps explain some of the difference between each model. That 60 GB and 80 GB may be expensive, but if you use A LOT of space then it might be good for you. Also, the 60 GB and the 80 GB can play PS1 and PS2 games while the 20GB and the 40 GB cannot.  Actually, I found out that that only applies to the 40GB.  Apparently I found something about the 40 GB being able to play PS1 games too...but I'm not sure whether or not that's true.
      • The 20GB and the 60GB are no longer in production (as it has been for nearly a year or so) and you can still get a 40GB and an 80GB, but they are no longer producing 80GBs either.  Apparently (according to a store clerk), Sony going to soon come out with a 120GB PS3 and allow you to buy Blue-ray DVDs off of your PS3.  You can't copy the DVDs, so you have to save them into your PS3 which requires the large amount of space.
      • For me, on the other hand, I want the 40 GB because I like space and I already own and want to keep my PS2. Also, the 20 GB and the 40 GB sell for the same price, so why not just buy the bigger one?
Failure Rate:
  • At least according to The Feed on G4 (and Sony), the PS3 has a failure rate of 0.02%. Apparently Sony put a PS3 in a sauna and then put it in a freezer for a LONG time and it was still working pretty well, so it's built well.
  • Also, comparing it to the Xbox 360, the Xbox 306 has a 13% --> 30% failure rate (different sources). Ouch.
  • At the moment there aren't all that many good PS3 games out, but good ones are starting to come out more and more. :3
    • Assassin's Creed
      • Oh my gosh, have you seen this game? It's just, wow. Go watch the trailer (Scroll down a little to get the big box that asks for your age. Fill it in and watch the trailer. :3)
    • Devil May Cry 4
      • It got good ratings and looks pretty sweet. I myself haven't gotten into the DMC series but I want to. ^^
    • Folklore
      • It has an interesting story line (from what I can tell) and looks pretty cool.
    • Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    • Oblivion
      • It looks pretty sweet and my brother is a hyped up about it.  It also got Game of the Year.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3
      • Okay, so there's no word on whether this will come out of the PS3, but Square-enix has been attached to the PS for a while now and it's making two of the Final Fantasy XIII games for the PS3, so it would make since. :)
Random Facts:
  • For most games at least, the PS3 has better graphics than the Xbox 360
  • It has a wireless controller that comes with it (including a charger for the controller)
That's all of the information that I found (or that I remember at the moment), so once again I hope that helped!
Edited with new information. 2-21-08
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I can't believe I've finally seen Wicked and for a while I hadn't thought much of it, but as soon as it started I immediately fell in love with it.  The songs, the costumes, the characters, and even the dragon on top of the stage that blows out steam and has glowing red eyes.  It's hard to describe how amazing this show was.  This won't even get close, but I'll do my best to tell of my favorite parts and things.

    The Costumes- I adored every last quirky outfit that was ever worn.  They were all so awesome and different.  Even the hair styles and shoes and just everything they wore was so cool.  My favorite would have to be Elphaba's outfit Wicked Witch of the West outfit because it wasn't just plane black, but it had a bunch of dark colors and patterns on it.  It looked awesome to wear and would be great to see up close. :P  Of course, Galinda's outfits were my second favorite because they were always to funny, cheery, and SHINY. XP  Definitely Galinda indeed. *nods* *nods*
    The songs- OH MY GOSH.  The first thing I did when I got home was buy this album it's so awesome.  The actress who played Elphaba was so amazing it seemed as if the audience clapped the loudest whenever she finished.  Everyone, actually, was amazing.  I didn't find any out-of-place person, they were all amazing singers.  The actress Galinda was a gorgeous singer and fit the part perfectly with her funny, cheery personality along with her serious persona.  Considering the song Popular, it was AMAZING what she did up there.  She flicked her feet a million times, ran about, the way she sang it, just wow, it was awesome and it fit the part perfectly. *claps profusely*
    There are so many things that were just amazing about the all of the songs.  As for my favorites?
    -Defy Gravity (most DEFINITELY)
    -Popular (Oh my gosh, this gets stuck in my head so easily XP)
    -What Is This Feeling? (This makes me crack up every time, oh how I love it so)
    -Something Bad (The tune that goes is so mysterious)
    -Dancing Through Life (*dances*)
    -I'm Not That Girl (I swear, when we finished the audience paused because we all wanted to clap but felt so bad for her *hugs*, then we clapped because she sang it so beautifully)
    -As Long As You're Mine (AWWW)
    -For Good (This is one of the sweetest songs that almost got me crying right there)
    -The Wizard and I (so upbeat and cool :) )
The storyline was wonderful along with the characters.  There is so much to say about this musical but I don't want to overdue it so I think I'll end with this.  I definitely rate it a 5/5, thanks so much Ka for letting me join you!  It was a blast. ^^
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After around two years of watching my brother play RE4, through all of the flinching and shrieking, decapitation and eerie noises, I'm finally picking up the game. (My brother was urging me to play it too :P)  I've never actually played a horror game before so I'm freaked about EVERYTHING that moves. XD  It's actually fun though, now that I think about it, and I'm getting better at aiming and the controls.  So here's my 30 minute playing time impression.

I'm rather bad at this game. . .hahaha, and I've also learned why this game is rated 17+. *twitch*
Wow, that was rather lengthy. . .so here's some comics/art I found of RE4:
If only we could do that. . .


May. 25th, 2007 10:51 pm
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So, a bunch of my friends and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End tonight and I just got back, still all piratey and everything (we dressed up as pirates and even wore eyeliner thanks to Katie! ^ ^).  My stomach is still taking it's time digesting twizzlers and blueberry Icee, but that's fine with me.

POTC 3 was AMAZING.  I'd have to say better than the third one, but I wish they could have done more with Calypso...hmm, oh well, I was still happy.  There was some moments that the entire theater was quiet for a while with a couple of "gasps."  I suggest you wait till after the credits to see the short clip at the end, it's very hear warming. :)

Well, I'm extremely tired and nearing the point of falling asleep on my desk so I may or may not add more details on Pirates later, but for now it will do.  'Night mates!
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Wow, I can't believe I'm finally here thanks to Katie who kept on "bugging" me about it. ^^ I'm contemplating on whether or not I should make this journal, or most of it, friends only. I probably should...but for now it's public enough that I won't go into much of my personal life.

Live Journal is much bigger than I thought it was, just a little disappointed that you have to pay to be able to make your own layout...hrm.

So my mom wants to take me shopping for some shoes today for prom (wow, that's so weird to say...I'm going to prom) so I'm going to see if I can try and convince her to let me get some new sneakers which she promised to do like a month ago (just got busy). The only thing is I have to practice first before going so I better get to doing that now and stop with my ramblings.


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