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After around two years of watching my brother play RE4, through all of the flinching and shrieking, decapitation and eerie noises, I'm finally picking up the game. (My brother was urging me to play it too :P)  I've never actually played a horror game before so I'm freaked about EVERYTHING that moves. XD  It's actually fun though, now that I think about it, and I'm getting better at aiming and the controls.  So here's my 30 minute playing time impression.
Okay, so it should be more like 15 minutes, but rather than going at a running pace everywhere I'm more like crawling (I don't want to run into an enemy!!).  The first 15 minutes of the game (for me) was spent inspecting the scenery and watching the crows, haha. *cough*  I talked to the driver which his reply was, "Forget your make-up or something?" Yes, yes I did.  Give it back NOW.  I practiced with the controls including attempting to slice the driver and his partner with the knife (of course it just goes right through them, but whatever).  They wouldn't let me run across the bridge because I was like going the wrong way (and they like to call me a cowboy. . .). :P  Well you're the ones making sure you don't get a parking ticket!  Right, like they'll give you one out in the forest.  Okay, so moving on. . .
I finally dragged myself to the house when a cutscene starts up showing that there's a creepy guy in the house watching me walk up. o-o  I don't want to go in!!!!  Well, I've seen this part before (from my brother, once again) so I knew what was going to happen but the guy's coughing/choking sound was just plain creepy. *twitch*  I finaly walked toward him which starts another cutscene where Leon asks if he has seen Ashley, with which he replies:
"'¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón!'
What the f*** are you doing here? Get the hell out, you bastard!" ----->found here
I love you too.  1st time I played it, it took like 5 shots and then when restarted it (realizing that I took a ridiculous amount of time and I need more practice) took 3 times (I'm getting better :) ).  Now for not as much summarization, haha.
-I saved the dog. ^^  At first I thought it was a headless dog (from the view I had seen it), but then I realized it was stuck in a trap to I shot the trap to let him free :D.  Only after that I had realized that later on it was supposed to help you with a boss battle.  Sweet. ^^
-The dead woman with the pitchfork in her face attached to the wall in the first shack scared the crap out of me. o-o  I didn't notice it the first time, but then I did the second time and almost jumped out of my seat. o0
-The man in the third shack hiding and waiting for me just stood there.  Well, he stood there before I came into view in the doorway, but I found it hilarious how I was like five inches from him and he just kept on swaying back and forth. XP
-The Village, oh man, I'm still attempting to get past that part, but it's hard.
I stared through the binoculars for at least five minutes before bringing myself to go into the village.  Suddenly the battle music came on and my calm, rational mind left me.  I ran into the house next to the burning driver (I had seen my brother go in there) and guess who shows up, Dr. Salvador.  His chainsaw started up from outside of the house and I panicked, running up the stairs, trying to get in a not-so-cramped space.  I broke the window, killed one of the villagers, shot the other and shazam!  Dr. Salvador was right at my left and I just narrowly missed his slicing blow by jumping out the window.  I shot, ran, jumped off the house, and shot some more.  The chainsaw guy was on the ground so I shot FIVE FREAKING bullets in his head but he wouldn't die!!!! *twitch* *foam*  After that, I realized I was out of ammo.  I was almost tempted to restart the game, but I decided to brave and run around like a mad man searching for ammo (yeah, "brave" *cough*).  I found money, herbs, but no ammo!!!! o0  Finally, I realized I should be looking for Dr. Salvador and so I turned around, but he wasn't there.  I turned a little more to my left and BAM, there he was with his chainsaw raised. o-o  So I suddenly pressed pause and turned off the PS2. XD   Ahahahahaha...

Later of course I found out that the house I was in held the all-might shotgun, but of course I was took panicked to notice. *slaps head*

I'm rather bad at this game. . .hahaha, and I've also learned why this game is rated 17+. *twitch*
Wow, that was rather lengthy. . .so here's some comics/art I found of RE4:
If only we could do that. . .

Date: 2007-11-25 02:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sciuraamethysta.livejournal.com
Woah... it sounds like a game that:
A) I want to play, somehow
B) Would give me nightmares to the point where I'd need therapy
C) Is insanely difficult
Because of B, I have selected the Saix puppy icon to comfort myself.
(pardon the out of order commenting)
'¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón!'

*starts to write down* Kay kara-hoe es-tahs hah-key-end-o ah-kui? *continues to write down* Lar-gah-tay, cah-brohn!. I'll have to remember that one. Something to shout at Jecht as I try repeatedly to beat him. XD

Yeah, I've done the quickly-turn-off-the-PS2 thing too, but for me it was more for avoiding frustration instead of for avoiding seeing my character get chainsaw-ed O_o. Oww.

Hooray for saving the dog *points to icon*. Not hooray for woman with a pitchfork in her face. I'm shoving that little mental picture OUT of my mind.

Five bullets in the head? X_X It's insane that it still wouldn't die.

Good luck with the boss battle...and with the scariness!

Oh, and the comic was hilarious XD The art by Wyna was sweet, too. I worship her work.

Date: 2007-12-11 09:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rainy-fantasy.livejournal.com
A) :D So...out of curiousity what do you honestly think of now? I mean, it's no problem at all if you're like, "Holy crap, Ah. You're a freaking moron for liking this game and there's no way I'll ever play it anytime soon!!!"
B) I already do...so. XD Yeah, I love how it can STILL give me nightmares just thinking about it after it's been weeks since I've played it. *kicks head*
C) It really is, especially with the whole ammo thing. *worried* o-o
Yay for Saix puppy!!! ^^ :DDDDDD
Oh, it's totally fine. I'm the weird person that goes in order but makes no sense because I don't usually reference what I'm talking about. *is shot*

Haha, seriously, I would love to see someone's reaction to that...unless they understood me because I think that would involve led meeting my brain. o-o Jecht!!! Arg-eth!!!! What makes it worse is his ANNOYING theme song in the background and you're like, "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!!! IT JUST SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING!!!!" *foam*

Ooh, fun. Yes, oww indeed. *twitches*

:P Until I found out I just waisted a bullet and could have saved him with my hands... -_- Oh well....RUN FREE SAIX PUPPY!!! XD
Yeah, no horray. You're reaction was like like o-o "Uhh, Ah? WTF ARE YOU SHOWING US THIS!?!?!?" 'Cause I'm a moron, lo siento Ka!!! Lo siento!!! (I'm sorry)

Seriously!!! I found out that it takes about five to six shots to the head to kill it with a shotgun!! Who knows how long it would have taken with a handgun (if the handgun would actually do anything);

Thanks. *twitches again* :P

Yeah, it was. XD I worship her too. She's on my list of "When I Can Actually Buy Something Off Of DeviantART I Will Buy From:"


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