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Ah, the Playstation 3, how I want you so.  There's so many games that will come out for you that I'm just drooling over, it's crazy.  So, due to recent events, research, and thinking, I've finally decided that I want to actually buy a Playstation 3 and soon. I'm rather weird when it comes to buying expensive things, or anything for that matter.  Even though I may fawn over it and talk about it incessantly, it doesn't mean I'll ever buy it.  I tend to be careful with my money, but that doesn't mean I don't spend it.   This explanation, even though seemingly trivial to you, will help explain the list of facts and thoughts after this paragraph.  I hope, if you ever plan to but a Playstation 3, that it will help, if at all, a little.
  • A big whopping $350 --> $450, depending on where and what you buy.
    • There's a 20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, and an 80 GB. Okay...so what?
      • Well, a PS3 has a hard drive, so it's not necessary to own a memory card. This of course helps explain some of the difference between each model. That 60 GB and 80 GB may be expensive, but if you use A LOT of space then it might be good for you. Also, the 60 GB and the 80 GB can play PS1 and PS2 games while the 20GB and the 40 GB cannot.  Actually, I found out that that only applies to the 40GB.  Apparently I found something about the 40 GB being able to play PS1 games too...but I'm not sure whether or not that's true.
      • The 20GB and the 60GB are no longer in production (as it has been for nearly a year or so) and you can still get a 40GB and an 80GB, but they are no longer producing 80GBs either.  Apparently (according to a store clerk), Sony going to soon come out with a 120GB PS3 and allow you to buy Blue-ray DVDs off of your PS3.  You can't copy the DVDs, so you have to save them into your PS3 which requires the large amount of space.
      • For me, on the other hand, I want the 40 GB because I like space and I already own and want to keep my PS2. Also, the 20 GB and the 40 GB sell for the same price, so why not just buy the bigger one?
Failure Rate:
  • At least according to The Feed on G4 (and Sony), the PS3 has a failure rate of 0.02%. Apparently Sony put a PS3 in a sauna and then put it in a freezer for a LONG time and it was still working pretty well, so it's built well.
  • Also, comparing it to the Xbox 360, the Xbox 306 has a 13% --> 30% failure rate (different sources). Ouch.
  • At the moment there aren't all that many good PS3 games out, but good ones are starting to come out more and more. :3
    • Assassin's Creed
      • Oh my gosh, have you seen this game? It's just, wow. Go watch the trailer (Scroll down a little to get the big box that asks for your age. Fill it in and watch the trailer. :3)
    • Devil May Cry 4
      • It got good ratings and looks pretty sweet. I myself haven't gotten into the DMC series but I want to. ^^
    • Folklore
      • It has an interesting story line (from what I can tell) and looks pretty cool.
    • Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    • Oblivion
      • It looks pretty sweet and my brother is a hyped up about it.  It also got Game of the Year.
    • Kingdom Hearts 3
      • Okay, so there's no word on whether this will come out of the PS3, but Square-enix has been attached to the PS for a while now and it's making two of the Final Fantasy XIII games for the PS3, so it would make since. :)
Random Facts:
  • For most games at least, the PS3 has better graphics than the Xbox 360
  • It has a wireless controller that comes with it (including a charger for the controller)
That's all of the information that I found (or that I remember at the moment), so once again I hope that helped!
Edited with new information. 2-21-08

Date: 2008-02-18 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sciuraamethysta.livejournal.com
Yay for PS3 research, the research I can actually get interested in!! ^-^ I'm just cool like that. *toasts* To the hope that the day we see Axel in uber-hi-def shall come soon! *clinks* *chugs*

I'm actually going to stash this away somewhere for the day I will buy a PS3 (as I said before, the day that they're coming out with a PSInfinity XD). Thanks for gathering this info in a convenient place!!

$350-$450? Woah...big price range. It makes sense when you factor in the range in GB available, I guess. To put it in perspective, my iPod holds 30 GB... 40's probably the better choice, though (heaven knows how many Frodo pictures... I mean videos and music I put on it, and I still have tons of wiggle room). I find it somewhat annoying that all of the new systems have ex-nayed the idea of memory cards :( I actually kind of liked them. I wonder what happens when you reach the max (ie do they sell extra hard-drives and are they easy to reinstall).
I think the Wii has some form of memory card; it looks kinda like a digital camera's memory card (if that's what it was...I've only opened the Wii to poke its guts a couple of times XD)

Failure Rate - I find the Xbox 360's failure rate pretty disturbing... especially with this quote:

"We had 35 Xbox 360's at launch... I know that more than half of them broke within the first six months...two of them were dead on arrival" - An EB Games employee

O-O No offense, but if I pay hundreds of dollars for something, I kinda want it to actually work...
Dodged a bullet there, though. I wasn't intelligent enough to check failure rates before we decided on a Wii. Thankfully, it's also "below 1%" ...phew!
The sauna story is hilarious, though. It makes for pretty good advertising, too. I'm surprised I hadn't heard it before! ("Hey, do YOU ever feel like playing video games in your sauna? Finally, a gaming system for you!" XD)

Same here! More and more good Wii games are coming out. I'm looking forward to Super Smash Bros Brawl in March and Okami whenever I can get the money together... (I've been planting seeds of the idea of buying Okami in the heads of my brothers, who are financially smarter than I am...)

Assasin's Creed : Wow...sweetness. The sheer depth of the game amazes me.

Devil May Cry 4 : Dante!! XD I will never forget that video...

Folklore : Looks like a sweet RPG-type game. *crosses fingers that it may come out on Wii*

Both Final Fantasies : O_O...must...play...

Oblivion : Game of the year is always good. I'll have to check this one out further.

KH3- *weeps softly* Come on, S-E! GIVE US A DATE FOR IT TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!!1!...anyway...
It'd probably make sense for it to come out on PS3. But if you get one, then we don't have to rent one and beat KH3 in 72 hours (3 day weekend), which would be painful. I'll still wait eagerly for any development on that front.

Go better graphics, too!
I'm unsure whether I made the right decision over the Wii in the long-term (it's definitely the most revolutionary of the new systems, but the disadvantage would be that mainstream games would have to adapt to be on it...waiting to see how it turns out...). I plan to probably get a PS3 when I go off to college (only two years...God, that's a scary thought!) and they're cheap XD Thanks for all the info!!

Date: 2008-07-05 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rainy-fantasy.livejournal.com
Why haven't I replied to this yet!?!?
ANYWAYS, yeah, but it took a while, haha. *clinks* That would be AMAZING. 8D

Welcome, glad I could help. ^^

Yeah, I believe you can put memory on something to hold it. Also, you can stick a USB port into it to upload pictures and music. Ooh-la-la! :3 I forget which GB I bought for my Roxel. *slaps head* It's been a while, haha, but I think it was the 40 GB....I THINK.
Memory cards were great! You spend FOREVER accessing a special event, bring the memory card to a friend's, and then show them! Fun in ze sun. :D
Ooh, very nice. ^^ I remember when memory cards (for cameras) were HUGE. Even then, you could only hold about 50-or-so pictures on it. Now it's the size of my thumb nail and I can get 300 pictures on it. Holy crap, haha.

Oh wow, that's really sad. Looks like the Xbox needs fixing!

Well, personally, I love it when I spend hundreds of dollars on stuff and it breaks in a day or two. xP Yeah, no. I was babying Roxel for the longest time and kept on threatening Noah that if he broke it he was paying for a new one, haha.
Yeah, phew! :)
xDDDD YES! What I've always wanted, haha.


Yup, but unfortunately the gameplay gets old...quick. "Kill this guy." "Okay." *rides horse to city* *finds facts about target* *saves some citizens* *sneak into place* *slice and dice* *get reward* Rinse and repeat.

Oh Dante. Haha, neither will I. I WANT DMC4. T-T Along with #3 too, haha.

I doubt it will come out on Wii. Besides, there's too many restricitions in the game. It's pretty much "Go here, here, and here," with no side quests (so far). I still want to finish the game because the graphics are gorgeous, the storyline is interesting, and the gameplay is bearable.

OMG, I KNOW! I seriously can't wait till those come out. They both look AMAZING. Needs, FFXIII and FFVXIII. *begs Squeenix to confirm release date (which they will probably do in July 8D).

OBLIVION!!!! *sniffles* I misseth thee. T-T

Indeed. We will have a KH3 party though. *nods* *nods*

Welcome. ^^ Yeah, it's scary. College. o-o
(deleted comment)

Date: 2009-01-20 11:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rainy-fantasy.livejournal.com
Yeah, it looks like a great game. I think at the time I wrote this I hadn't heard about it but I'll definitely have to give that game a try.

Assassin's Creed is a lot of fun. I still need to finish it though. I definitely want to buy DMC4!! It looks great too along with Mirror's Edge.
I heard about AC2, but I thought it might have been just a rumor. That's great that they're making a sequel!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^


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